Portronics Ear 100 in-Ear Wired Earphone with Karaoke Mic. USB Type C Jack, 7.1 Surround Sound, 1.3 M Nylon Braided Cable Black
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  • LUCID AND DISTINCT AUDIO QUALITY : While going for an ear piece we always look for its audio quality and the variability it has. The quality of audio differs on different volume thresholds and also due to the pre fed equalizer settings. The Ear 100 however ensures that the audio quality is consistent with its original quality but obviously is amplified. The listening experience is enriched every time you tune in!
  • SUPER FINE BASS ENHANCED AUDIO: The bass of any audio differs as the auditory factors keep on fluctuating! A stable bass range allows for the precise audio output that has a good bass. Ear 100 has been pre-set with the most variable range of bass and gives out audio that has its own befitting bass range.
  • SING AND RECORD WITH KARAOKE MIC: Karaoke became hands-free! If you love singing and wish to have the expertise of a karaoke mic and recorder by your side, here’s your own karaoke buddy. This portable karaoke mic aka Ear 100 earphones has the distinct mic through which you can record and save audio with superb audio quality!
  • EXPERIENCE GAMING WITH VIVID AUDIO: Every gaming enthusiast looks for just distinct audio quality along with crystal clear visuals. It takes an entire console to create the perfect atmosphere and the setup is definitely not portable! And if you travel frequently, portability becomes the priority and this is where Ear 100 will be your perfect aide!
  • HI-FI SOUND OUTPUT: Hi-Fi or high fidelity is the high quality reproduction of sound. This feature is mostly found in speakers but it is hard to find in ear pieces. Now Ear 100 has Hi-Fi output that makes the audio output finer and nuanced. It definitely enhances the stereo sound and the output is just awe striking!
  • 7.1 SURROUND SOUND EFFECT: The sound system feature that channels music through 8 different channels and ensures that the audio output is just as lucid as it originally was. The surround sound allows for the configuration to be aimed at different angles and distances and is recreated accordingly. The feature cancels out white noise very precisely for garble free and realistic listening experience!
  • USB TYPE-C JACK: The Ear 100 comes with a futuristic Type C jack that makes it configurable with a variety of devices. This cable feature is also very power efficient allowing only minimal charge dispense but the audio output is lucid and crisp. It allows for variability in case you keep changing plug in devices, as most of the devices these days have a Type C jack port. So, plug in and get lost in the audio wonderland!



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